Merge your Imaginations with Reality

Introducing next generation VR headset designed to help you to lead your industry.

Enjoy VR with no cables, phone or PC

Light, adaptable, and comfortable VR headset, offering all of the immersion and none of the baggage. Just slip on the headset, and jump into a whole new world.

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Explore More Freely

A new Sensor technology that understands your movement in space without the need to set up any external sensors, Merge allows you free range of motion. Go beyond just looking, and freely explore.

Experience AR and VR Together

Merge brings immersive experiences by using advanced techniques that can switch to both AR and VR



Created For The Creators

Discover apps that provide solutions to help people at work to create, communicate & collaborate more effectively.

Frame Friendly

Wear your glasses in VR. Each headset includes designed spacer to fit most frames, so you can see VR the same way you see everything else.

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$ 349

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